The Rabbit Who Wants to Go to Sleep Parody: The Rabbit Who Wants to Go to Harvard

the rabbit who wants to go to sleep parody: the rabbit who wants to go to Harvard cover

The Rabbit Who Wants to Go to Harvard. A New Way of Getting Children to Stop Sleeping and Start Achieving

This hilarious parody for fans of Go the F**k to Sleep and Goodnight iPad spoofs the bestselling sleep-aid picture book while also satirizing helicopter parents–an irresistible gift for parents who have a sense of humor!

Do you struggle with getting your child to bend to your will? Join parents all over the world who have embraced this groundbreaking book as their new nightly routine.

In this parody of The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep, Ronald and Mommy Rabbit get help from Adderall Aardvark, Kollege Koach Kitty, and Admission Officer Owl, who know just how to stop all that incessant sleeping and get into Harvard, now. This lovingly panic-inducing and innovative story helps children at any age to set aside sleep and other quaint relics of youth for a much worthier goal: the Ivy League.

Make your dreams your child‘s dreams today!

“Yeah, that hypnotize-your-kid-to-sleep book was a success for a certain kind of slacker parent. But any truly successful parent knows that there’s no time to rest: the prep school toddler down the street has already invented a new computer language! This book is guaranteed to get your kids on the right track. Now.”–Harvard Dad, class of 2031

“Super creepy!”–Mom in Seattle

“Makes controlling your kid child’s play—or, you know, the opposite!”–Harvard Mom, class of 2032


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