390px_33aI love to write. That’s pretty much all I do. Ask my family about the undone laundry, the un-bought groceries, and the fact that I rarely find time to get dressed in the morning. Actually, if you train your family right, they won’t notice any of these things. “Popcorn for dinner again! Cool!” say my filthy children.

I spent my formative years as an advertising copywriter in New York City writing award-winning ads for Pepsi, Doritos, Sony, BMW and other huge, multi-national corporations. It was the world’s best training ground for writing fast, fearless, and funny.

Then I fell in love with writing romance novels. I left the big city and advertising and published six contemporary romantic comedies under my name and as Sophie Gunn. They got starred reviews in Publisher’s Weekly, won the New York Book Festival award for Best Novel, and have been Golden Heart, RITA, and Reader’s Choice Award finalists.

Meanwhile, I had two amazing kids. Raising them shifted my writing focus from romance to life without romance–that is, life as a mom. Just kidding. Sort of. You know how it is. Anyway, having kids made me rethink books, publishing, and parenting in the modern age. I took a break from romance novels to explore the worlds of children’s literature and parenting crazysauce, publishing a parenting memoir and my first children’s book.

What else do you want to know about me? I love kids. I love cats. I love chocolate. (Not necessarily in that order.) I live just outside of Philadelphia with two wonderful kids, three geriatric cats, and one beloved husband.