Diana Holquist

September, 2016

The kids and the professor are back in school, which means, empty house!

Imagine me running around naked, drinking martinis, dancing with the cats.

Sorry. Don’t ever imagine that. Wipe your eyeballs. Bleach? Better?

Okay, let’s start again:

Back to school time!  Dearest daughter is off at college. At least, she’s supposed to be off in college. I don’t hear much from her. There’s the mom whose kid texts her every day and then there’s the mom who BEGS her kid please, please, please just let me know you’re alive and then gets a two-word text seventeen hours and twenty-two minutes later: I’m alive. 

That last one would be me.

But in truth, I like being that mom. In fact, I’m sort of proud of it. She’s off, launched, on her own. I’m irrelevant to her life.

Well, I pay the rent. There’s that.

One step at a time.

The boy is in his senior year, soccering and schooling. I never see him now that he’s moved to the third floor and gotten his driver’s license. It’s probably for the best, as it’s apply-to-college time. You know what sucks? Having a writer-mom and a professor-dad and having to listen to their input on your college essays. He mostly ignores us. Smart boy.

Aside from college essays, there’s a lot going on here writing-wise.

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