Diana Holquist

December, 2016

Holidays around the bend…how did that happen? We just survived Thanksgiving, which to me is all about pies. I’m a sloppy baker, which is a little like being a blind bus driver or a tone-deaf singer: just no. Doesn’t work. But once a year, I’m tasked with making the pies for our 20-something-person family dinner. Because I’m not a big fan of dinner–no chocolate–I pretty much consider the pies the main course.

Also, I’m all about leftovers.

So usually, I make about nine pies. That is, I “supervise” the making of about nine pies. This used to be a fun, family affair. The kids would do all the work, while my cousins and I would sit in the living room, watch football, drink wine, and call in helpful tips like, “You need a step-stool to reach the fire alarm. Press it twice.”

Baking is a finicky business.

But now, the tweens and teens are all off in college or “having a life” or just grumpily staring into their cell phones, so I am alone in my kitchen, rolling and mixing and tasting and second-tasting-just-to-be-sure. One more taste…one more.

The pies were lovely.  There were less of them this year as the younger generation is scattered. Not as many leftovers, either. But maybe that’s best, as there’s less people to eat them the next morning. I look around my kitchen–just me and the cats.

They don’t seem to like pie.

Their loss.

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